Stephanie insisted that I came into her room and listen to her singing Frozen.

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Stephanie’s got really good at guitar

The amount of people who thought that she was the one playing is shockingly high!

Prom night. Where has the time gone?

Prom night. Where has the time gone?

Stephanie’s impressive right hook. 

Some snippets from Stephanie’s party until I get photos back from the photographer. 

I couldn’t get my head around watching her drink her first shandy. Well, her second shandy. 90% of her first shandy ended up over my crotch. 

She blew out her candles and took the microphone to sing her own rendition of “Let it go”, which left most of the room teary eyed. 

Happy Birthday Stephanie, thank you for an awesome evening and an amazing 18 years. 

My 18 Year Old Sister

Last weekend, Stephanie sat in my living room with a sad look on her face. I asked her why she was sad and she told me that she was going to die soon because she is turning eighteen and getting old. Shortly after, we were laughing about it so it was alright but it did make me think about how fast time seemed to be moving. It blows my mind that it was eighteen years ago that a tiny almond eyed monkey was placed into my scrawny arms and introduced as my little sister.

The celebrations began on Wednesday at a family friends house where Ellie and two of my friends were lying in wait. Stephanie had only seen Ellie on Skype over the past ten months and had no idea that she was back from Mexico yet.


Needless to say, she was over the moon. They both were. Stephanie barely even paid attention to the life sized cardboard cut out of Harry Styles that was waiting for her on arrival. Not once she caught sight of Ellie.



We had an excellent evening of fun, games and monkeys that you have to violate in order for them to talk.


She named him Harry. 

It wasn’t long before Stephanie brought out the boxing gloves that I gave her and showed off her excellent right hook. image


My housemate Rachel in the background there, taking far too much pleasure in this. I am also aware that this photo is a shot of her left hook…

I even made Stephanie a card by hand. 


She seemed to like it. 

Then we all went home, happy and tired, looking forward to her birthday party on Saturday. 

Hung out with Steph at my house on Sunday and we decided to bake some cookies together. They were disgusting. Absolute failure. Had the wrong kind of butter. Total disaster. So we ordered take out and I must have learned at least ten ABBA songs on guitar for her to sing along to. We also attempted an acoustic rendition of “Let it go” from Frozen. I think the cookies turned out better than our version. Still, I haven’t seen her laugh like that in ages so it was all worth it. 

Ellie is arriving back from Mexico in a few hours so we’re planning to surprise Steph when she get’s in from school tomorrow. It will also be her 18th Birthday. 

I’m so excited!

Tell the truth Stephanie.

Last weekend we took Stephanie to Llys Nini to check out the animals, and out to the sea front with my friend Hena and her Daughter Alicia. 

Stephanie is 18 on the 18th of this month. Less than a year younger than Alicia. It’s crazy seeing them standing next to each other. Apparently this is as tall as Stephanie is ever going to get!

Anyway, what should I get her for her birthday? Any special ideas or suggestions?

Need a Zoo Farm? I Noah Guy

Earlier this week, Stephanie got to go to “Noah’s Ark”, which is a zoo farm In Bristol. Unfortunately I was unable to go, but I pieced together what I think happened with the photo evidence that I was presented with.

First, she blended in as a tourist…

…before winning the hearts of the locals by balancing a baby rhinoceros on her head.

Noticing a lack of unity in the ranks of the captive animals…

…she gained some intel…

…crafted a clever disguise…

 and used her impressive diplomacy skills to unify them.

With plans for the rebellion in full swing, Stephanie made a daring getaway on a tractor that she commandeered.

Like I say, I wasn’t there but I’m pretty sure that this is what went down.  

Took Stephanie out for Ice cream and fun. Looking forward to seeing her perform a street dance routine next Wednesday with her school!

Stephanie as a youngling 

Stephanie as a youngling 

Stephanie hustling me at pool

Just spoke to Stephanie on the phone on the way home from work. She told me that if I missed her then I would go and see her tonight. When I explained that I will be seeing her Sunday because I’m busy, she replied with:

"You have to come and see me because I’m Downs Syndrome and I’m special and it’s what you’re supposed to do!"

She then handed the phone to my mother. All I could do was continue to walk whilst listening to her giggle maniacally in the background.

Fun in the Sun with Stephanie

First we went to Halfords where Stephanie mimicked all of dads moves. 

She had a great time singing along to some 80’s classics in the car. 

Then we went for a meal where Stephanie, like a true teenage girl, made sure to take photos of her food. 

She also insisted on taking a photo of me. 

Then it was back to mine for some BBQ assembly. 

As we waited for the food to cook, we whipped out the felt pens and got our colouring on. 

We also practiced some writing skills. Stephanie did very well. :)

Then we had time for some monster jams and cuddles with Katniss the ferret before taking her home :)